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About company

Our company, ZPD „MATUSIAK” was established in 1992 and from the very beginning, it has Been closely associated with wood processing, and sales. Our products are made form high quality raw materials, and our customers can expect to be treated individually. The employees in our company always provide professional assistance in terms of adjusting the offer to both technical and financial aspects. We are authorised to manufacture wooden products in terms of phytosanitary requirements, which allows us to label our products with the HT mark.
The main goal of our company is the production of high-quality wooden products for both domestic and international customers. The core products in our offering are: roof trusses adapted to the design and also:
  • boards
  • battens
  • counter-battens
  • edged timber
  • pallets
  • wooden crates
  • panelling boards
  • decking boards

ZPD „MATUSIAK” s.c. Leszek Matusiak, Anna Matusiak

Ul. 1 Maja 20, Mielęcin, 78-630 Człopa

765 168 45 46


Tel.: 67 258 1147

Tel. sale: 736 153 001

Tel. mobile. owner: 604 249 752